2017 has been a quiet year for Mark Loraine Photography. Even though quiet there has been some Wedding activity. Again in 2017 I have been lucky enough to work with some really wonderful couples. Some very old friends Malcolm and Anna decided to tie the knot (at last). New (ish) friends Charlotte and Dave from right here in Doncaster decided 2017 was their year. Finally, the Daughter of one of my oldest friends (and a young lady I have known since she was born) and her new Husband asked me to be their photographer. That is, of course, Francesca and Michael.

Working with these couples has meant some stunning venues too. A beautiful historic church here in Doncaster. An old stable just outside Whitby. A forest glade in deepest, idyllic Cornwall. All have been different. All have been magical. All have been very special. Above all, they have presented wonderful opportunities for me as a photographer.

This post hopefully will showcase these last three wedding. I hope it will demonstrate the different types of photography a wedding can demand. From straightforward formal wedding photography, complemented by a more modern documentary style.to some extreme location shooting for a wedding, on a lake, yes, on a lake! All of my couples have had their own requirements and as such, no two weddings are ever the same and never, ever, are weddings run of the mill or dull. This is just how I like it and it is how we can maintain a level of freshness in the approach to all the weddings we do.

When you are planning your wedding we will listen, we will advise, but above all, we will do everything in our power to make sure your special day is just that…a Special Day!

Please get in touch with your requirements. I will then call you back for an initial discussion. If you like me and my style I will spend time getting to know you and understanding what how you want your day to run. 

Charlotte and Davids Wedding

The first of my gallery posts are from Charlotte and Davids wedding at Hatfield Church just outside Doncaster. A stunning day at a stunning venue with a really great bunch of family and friends. Although the happy couple preferred a more casual documentary approach, we also decided that formals were appropriate. So we found some beautiful grounds just opposite the church and, as you will see, made full use of the props we found around us !

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