As mentioned in the original wedding post, I have recently finished three weddings. This is the second installment, Francesca, and Michael.

Francesca and Michael’s Wedding

Francesca is the Daughter of two of my oldest friends, Steve and Veronica. When asked to take the wedding photographs for her and her fiance Michael it was an incredible honour. What’s more, the location they chose was sublime. Whitby is one of my favourite towns. To shoot a wedding there was going to be amazing, to shoot it for friends additionally so.

The actual location was The Stables just outside Whitby Town Centre, a venue, and restaurant just on the border of the NY Moors National Park. Deceptively small on the outside, it quickly became apparent that this venue was very used to weddings. The venue, itself an old stables, opens from a small intimate bar to a large conservatory. From there the rest of the venue is huge. A large, purpose-built marquee provides the reception area, with a ceremony room completing the mix. At the back of the venue, the view is magnificent. Looking out to the North York Moors and beyond, there can be no better landscape in which to marry.

I hope this set of images do justice to the day, I certainly think they do. They do show the varying styles I use, from Documentary to very Formal. I was very lucky with this bride and groom, their sense of fun was very evident. That sense of fun extended to their friends and family and so a varied and exciting set of photographs ensued.

If I can help you with the planning for your special day, then please get in touch. If I can help you plan, I will, or if you just need me to sort your photography, again, I will.




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