So, the last wedding in my sequence of three. This one was for a very dear friend who I have known for many years, Malcolm and his wonderful wife, Anna.

Anna and Malcolm’s Wedding

A wedding ? In Cornwall ? In a Field in Cornwall – hell yeah !

Malcolm I have known for many years and Anna I met at an AC/DC gig a few years back. To say their choice of wedding venue was somewhat unorthodox is pretty much understatement of the year. But hey, it looked amazing…and as it turned out it was ! Nestled deep in the Cornish countryside, this amazing glamping and party site, Cornish Tipi Weddings, proved to be both idyllic and jaw dropping all at the same time. Although we hadn’t seen each other for quite some time, the power of the web came to our aid. Using web, email, and text, we managed to put together a brief and from there.

In addition to a fabulously decked marquee, this place had many other surprises up its sleeve. In a dell in the woods, a Tipi and a large yurt stood ready for the ceremony. Not far from there an old quarry provided one of the most dramatic wedding backdrops ever. What could possibly go wrong ? The weather, that’s what could go wrong !. It was raining heavily the day before, but this was after all England. On the day of the wedding the sky cleared and although wellingtons were de rigeur, the ceremony could go ahead as planned.

So, from a small yurt, to a large marquee via a large and dramatic lake, the photographs certainly enjoyed a different background. Finally, it has to be said, but my normal attire for weddings don’t usually include wellies. They did today…and boy were they needed !

Please enjoy the images and more soon.


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