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Having been a photographer for many years , I pride myself on providing exquisite, contemporary, stylish Wedding and Portrait photography to clients both in Yorkshire and beyond. My promise to every client is exactly the same – I will capture your wedding day in a way that will provide you with a unique collection of memories for you to treasure forever. These will be prepared to the very highest level and will always take you straight back back to the the most memorable of special days. My style is very much one of being unobtrusive and observing – I try to catch not only the more formal aspects of your wedding but also all those bits that make a wedding day so so special – often those bits that you will miss as you attend to your duties on the day. As a person and a photographer I am very easy going, approachable and flexible and will make sure you and your guests feel at ease and are completely comfortable with me being around. With this feeling of comfort come great photographs – and that, of course is what it is all about ! I pride myself in the fact that all of my services are unique to you and your day and I continually strive to make ensure you receive the very best possible service, before, during and after the event. To do this we love to spend some time with you to get to know you, understand exactly what you want and then go away and put together a fabulous package that is tailored exactly to be right for you.

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Wedding Photography by Mark Loraine

Wedding Photography by Mark Loraine

2017 has been a quiet year for Mark Loraine Photography. Even though quiet there has been some Wedding activity. Again in 2017 I have been lucky enough to work with some really wonderful couples. Some very old friends Malcolm and Anna decided to tie the knot (at last). New (ish) friends Charlotte and Dave from right here in Doncaster decided 2017 was their year. Finally, the Daughter of one of my oldest friends (and a young lady I have known since she was born) and her new Husband asked me to be their photographer. That is, of course, Francesca and Michael.

Working with these couples has meant some stunning venues too. A beautiful historic church here in Doncaster. An old stable just outside Whitby. A forest glade in deepest, idyllic Cornwall. All have been different. All have been magical. All have been very special. Above all, they have presented wonderful opportunities for me as a photographer.

This post hopefully will showcase these last three wedding. I hope it will demonstrate the different types of photography a wedding can demand. From straightforward formal wedding photography, complemented by a more modern documentary style.to some extreme location shooting for a wedding, on a lake, yes, on a lake! All of my couples have had their own requirements and as such, no two weddings are ever the same and never, ever, are weddings run of the mill or dull. This is just how I like it and it is how we can maintain a level of freshness in the approach to all the weddings we do.

When you are planning your wedding we will listen, we will advise, but above all, we will do everything in our power to make sure your special day is just that…a Special Day!

Please get in touch with your requirements. I will then call you back for an initial discussion. If you like me and my style I will spend time getting to know you and understanding what how you want your day to run. 

Charlotte and Davids Wedding

The first of my gallery posts are from Charlotte and Davids wedding at Hatfield Church just outside Doncaster. A stunning day at a stunning venue with a really great bunch of family and friends. Although the happy couple preferred a more casual documentary approach, we also decided that formals were appropriate. So we found some beautiful grounds just opposite the church and, as you will see, made full use of the props we found around us !

Wedding Photography by Mark Loraine pt2

Wedding Photography by Mark Loraine pt2

As mentioned in the original wedding post, I have recently finished three weddings. This is the second installment, Francesca, and Michael.

Francesca and Michael’s Wedding

Francesca is the Daughter of two of my oldest friends, Steve and Veronica. When asked to take the wedding photographs for her and her fiance Michael it was an incredible honour. What’s more, the location they chose was sublime. Whitby is one of my favourite towns. To shoot a wedding there was going to be amazing, to shoot it for friends additionally so.

The actual location was The Stables just outside Whitby Town Centre, a venue, and restaurant just on the border of the NY Moors National Park. Deceptively small on the outside, it quickly became apparent that this venue was very used to weddings. The venue, itself an old stables, opens from a small intimate bar to a large conservatory. From there the rest of the venue is huge. A large, purpose-built marquee provides the reception area, with a ceremony room completing the mix. At the back of the venue, the view is magnificent. Looking out to the North York Moors and beyond, there can be no better landscape in which to marry.

I hope this set of images do justice to the day, I certainly think they do. They do show the varying styles I use, from Documentary to very Formal. I was very lucky with this bride and groom, their sense of fun was very evident. That sense of fun extended to their friends and family and so a varied and exciting set of photographs ensued.

If I can help you with the planning for your special day, then please get in touch. If I can help you plan, I will, or if you just need me to sort your photography, again, I will.




Wedding Photography by Mark Loraine pt3

Wedding Photography by Mark Loraine pt3

So, the last wedding in my sequence of three. This one was for a very dear friend who I have known for many years, Malcolm and his wonderful wife, Anna.

Anna and Malcolm’s Wedding

A wedding ? In Cornwall ? In a Field in Cornwall – hell yeah !

Malcolm I have known for many years and Anna I met at an AC/DC gig a few years back. To say their choice of wedding venue was somewhat unorthodox is pretty much understatement of the year. But hey, it looked amazing…and as it turned out it was ! Nestled deep in the Cornish countryside, this amazing glamping and party site, Cornish Tipi Weddings, proved to be both idyllic and jaw dropping all at the same time. Although we hadn’t seen each other for quite some time, the power of the web came to our aid. Using web, email, and text, we managed to put together a brief and from there.

In addition to a fabulously decked marquee, this place had many other surprises up its sleeve. In a dell in the woods, a Tipi and a large yurt stood ready for the ceremony. Not far from there an old quarry provided one of the most dramatic wedding backdrops ever. What could possibly go wrong ? The weather, that’s what could go wrong !. It was raining heavily the day before, but this was after all England. On the day of the wedding the sky cleared and although wellingtons were de rigeur, the ceremony could go ahead as planned.

So, from a small yurt, to a large marquee via a large and dramatic lake, the photographs certainly enjoyed a different background. Finally, it has to be said, but my normal attire for weddings don’t usually include wellies. They did today…and boy were they needed !

Please enjoy the images and more soon.


Welcome to my New Wedding Photography Website !

Welcome to my New Wedding Photography Website !


Its been a very long time since I updated my Wedding Photography website, but now I have and I have made it more mobile friendly and hopefully a lot easier to use.

Right through the site I have put some of my images for you to take a look at, but if you head right down the page you will find my main gallery. This gallery features pretty much all of the brides and grooms I have had the pleasure of photographing, along with a fair selection of their families and guests.

As you will see, much of my photography is informal, captured and tells the story of the day. This style allows everyone to have a great time while I and my assistants take care of the memories….after all it is such a very special day and you will want to remember as much of it as possible.

I have been very lucky to meet and work with some fabulous couples since I started and I truly hope that continues into 2016.

So if you have plans, then please get in touch and lets have a chat !

Speak soon



Dear Mark and Gail,
Both me and my new wife wished to write this letter or recommendation for the superb effort both of you put into our wedding day.
The fact that you both were willing to drive from Doncaster all the way to West Cumbria to help us remember our special day was brilliant, but the way you both handled yourselves; kind, courteous, supportive, nothing was too much trouble and always willing (literally) to go the extra mile made it all the better.
Nothing was too daft or too awkward, even when there was 120 drunk people in the room wanting silly photos, you kept our wishes and requirements at the forefront of your mind and completed the task in a totally relaxed and professional manner (just as we asked).
I look forward to seeing the photos from our wedding and should you need ANY recommendations or points of contact for your future contracts please do not hesitate in any form to pass on my contact details.
Best wishes and kind regards
Alan and Helen Wells.

We booked Mark for our wedding because we’d heard of his good reputation and he certainly lived up to it. From the moment we inquired to the day we received the photographs Mark was very keen to help in any way he could and was very flexible to our needs. As musicians we have worked with many photographers and I can honestly say that Mark is one of the most friendly yet professional photographers around. The completed photo album was better than we ever expected it to be. As well as the having the traditional group photographs Mark also captured the more informal, special moments throughout the day. We are so glad to have such a well presented record of our wedding day.

Our fabulous packages and prices..........


I have a very simple pricing policy that allows you to choose the service which is right for you and your budget.

Packages range from £500 for a smaller half day wedding to £1200 for a full day and always include :

Myself and an assistant for the duration of the time we agree – from a few hours to partying to the wee small hours !

Loads of fabulous images edited to a high standard – usually in excess of 300 – often many more !

All of the above images on a secure gallery for you and your family and friends to view, say wow, I love them and order directly

A free photobooth with a big dressing up box on all full day packages

Some really bad jokes to bring the biggest of smiles to the faces of you, and of course your guests

Extras available include :

Pre wedding shoot including a signing board for your wedding guests – £200

Second photographer – £250 All images on a beautifully presented USB stick – £200

Stylish Wedding Albums starting at – £400 Art Books starting at – £100

Prints, canvases, acrylics and much more at great prices

Hi, please get in touch if you have any questions……. You can either ring me direct on these numbers – Home : 01302 857030 Mobile : 07789 552900 Or you can use the contact form over to the right….. I look forward to hearing from you.




And don’t forget, you can also keep up to date with my news and offers by following me on Facebook  and Twitter…..

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